The Syrian Debacle

Ok, they fled Syrian because of persecution, they ran because their lives were threatened. The daily News shows pictures of teaming masses begging for help and pleading shelter.  Every sex, every age, every size was hungry and desperate. And now, all the pundits are saying, ‘Not in my backyard!’ Now, wait a minute!

First of all, this beloved United States of mine (and yours) was founded on the idea of religious freedom (‘member those Pilgrims?), and a democratic government (Take That King George!). Based on that, I happen to think it would be ok if we didn’t slam our door shut.

Alright, I know, it costs money, effort and time but how many of you are Irish? Italian? Cuban? Ellis Island handled things with an X-Ray (base on that whole TB epidemic, etc.) and some paperwork. Florida, no idea how they handled it but things seem to have worked ok. The point is, given the chase to make your own success, to raise your children without fear of war, to conduct your life as you see fit within the parameters of Society, couldn’t we at least try?

This Melting Pot of ours is based on Emigration. My family hit the shores on New Jersey before it even was New Jersey (1700) and everyone I know is the child of an emigrant (as side from my Native America buddies…). What has changed? On the other hand, there is something else to consider too.

Fran (short for Frances) Townsend was on Face the Nation this morning and put forth an idea which made a lot of sense to me. Paraphrased, she said, the longer the refugees are in limbo, the more likely they will be come disenchanted with the States and the more likely they’ll fall victim to the intensive marketing campaign of Al Qaeda and/or ISIS. My point is, Congress, CUT IT OUT.

Let them come (another discussion on how is one I haven’t thought about yet) and go through the same process the rest do. Welcome them here and tell them ‘we understand.’ Remind them that we are all ONE nation and collaboration is the key to our success and let them give the US a try.

Am I wrong to think it won’t work?



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