In sympathy of calculators

I have been using math, in one form or another, for the past 46 years.  It all started with measuring insulin dosages (that’s another blog post down the road…) and I learned early on, numbers are my favorite thing.

Forever and always, 2 + 2 will equal 4.  There’s no semantics, underlying meanings or inuendos, just answers. What I find funny is that many folks are scared of math, somehow intimidated by a jumble of figures. I think the fear comes from not knowing what to do with those numbers, not knowing how to figure out what the answer is. My father was one of those people who could think on their feet and he wow’ed people all the time with facts and figures.  Of course, his progeny had to follow in his foot-steps so he told us, NO CALCULATORS until we handed him a Bachelor’s diploma.  Anyone can get a High-school diploma, but a Bachelor’s???  Need less to say, it took me 10 years to graduate (another blog post down the road…) and I got my first calculator when I turned 32.


Did I jump for joy? Did I wear it out trying the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division keys?  No, it sat in the corner and collected dust for a long time.  I had already developed several methods or calculating in my head so to punch buttons almost seem redundant, wasteful. After college, I worked in Sales and wow’ed my clients all the time by figuring out costs in my head but I could never figure out why they were so surprised.  To me, it was easy.  Like I said before, nothing ever changes when you add things up so where’s the angst?

And to the world out there, is math something you hate? Is it something that scares you? Or is something you can handle without a lot of problems…?